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Here's what's going on THIS WEEK AT SOUTHSIDE:

You can find this week's bulletin and prayer list attached as separate documents at the bottom of this post.

SUNDAY (12/20)

  • Worship at 9am (on-campus & online)
  • Worship at 11am (on-campus & online)

We're still trying our best to meet for worship while providing the best, safest environment possible. With the spike in COVID cases in our community, I seriously considered only meeting online and calling off all on-campus services. However, after having reaching out to some local health experts I have been assured that with the correct precautions we can still conduct our worship services safely. So I invite you to come and worship with us in our Sanctuary Sunday morning at either 9am or 11am. Keep in mind that we did not have a big crowd in either service last week and we had plenty of room to spread out. Many in attendance wore masks and it felt very safe.

If you decide to join us in person, please consider wearing a mask, especially as you enter, exit, and fellowship in our hallways and foyers. Masks are not mandatory, simply encouraged. I myself will be wearing a mask when I'm not on the stage leading our service. Also, please do not come if you are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms or if you have been directly exposed to someone who has tested postive. Even if you have tested negative, if you're experiencing symptoms please stay home and join us online. (By the way, if you're experiencing symptoms or have been directly exposed, you really need to stay home from everything else too. Let's be responsible members of both our church and community.)

Our services will continue to be live-streamed if you do not wish to attend in person. You can find us online at We will go live at 9am and 11am. Unfortunately, we do not feel it is wise to provide childcare this Sunday either. All children are welcome in our services and our nursery wing will be available if a family member needs to step out momentarily with a little one. Providing childcare will be one of the very first ministries we start back once the COVID spike here in our community seems to have subsided a little.

One more thing: we will be observing the Lord's Supper at the end of both our 9am & 11am. We will be using pre-package all-on-one communion cups containing both the bread and the juice. These can be picked up on the welcome tables in our foyers.


Bro. Deek