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Church Family,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. With that holiday behind us, it’s time to look ahead to the Christmas season. Here’s a look at what you can expect at the church during the month of December. Please note that these dates don’t include everything, just the things that are out of the ordinary because of holiday programming. For example, you won’t see Sunday School (9:45am) or Sunday morning worship (11:00am) listed below—even though we’ll be having both every Sunday of the month. This is only a list of the special events and/or holiday-related cancellations.

  • Dec. 2nd (WED) – S2 "Light the Night" Bonfire and Worship (5:45-7:30pm) 
  • Dec. 5th (SAT) – Church Staff and Deacon Christmas Party
  • Dec. 13th (SUN) – Children’s Nativity Play at 6pm
  • Dec. 16th (WED) – AWANA Pancakes & Pajamas Night (5:45-7:30pm)
  • Dec. 16th (WED) – S2 Youth Group Christmas Party (5:45-7:30pm)
  • Dec. 16th (WED) – No Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 6:30pm
  • Dec. 20th (SUN) – Christmas Communion service (11:00am)
  • Dec. 20th (SUN) – Candlelight Christmas service (6:00pm)
  • Dec. 23rd (WED) – No Wednesday night activities
  • Dec. 23rd - 25th – Church office closed for Christmas holidays
  • Dec. 27th (SUN) – No PM Worship Service or activities
  • Dec. 30th (WED) – No Wednesday night activities
  • Dec. 30th - 31st – Church office closed for New Year’s holidays
  • Dec. 31st – S2 New Year's Party

May this Christmas season be an occasion to remind yourself of the most important things in life—faith in Christ and time spent with family and friends. We live in hectic times. Everyone seems so busy. I pray you’ll have the opportunity to slow down a little or take a day off. It’s good for us to take time off and gain some perspective. Life is about so much more than the things that keep us so busy most of the year.

—Bro. Deek